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On-demand prescription delivery is the future of the pharmacy industry.
Only DeliverSTAT provides an all-in-one convenient, personalized solution.

Trusted by Over 100 Pharmacies

DeliverSTAT is Streamlining Prescription Home Delivery

On-demand prescription delivery by a qualified, trusted driver network.

Temperature Controlled

Federal Requirements of storage and shipping prescriptions are to be maintained at temperatures between 59°F and 86°F. In Florida, mailbox temperatures can reach up to 140°F and damage your medication.

Exclusive To Healthcare

Our software solution was created to compliment every aspect of a pharmacy operation. This includes collecting co-pays at the time of the delivery for pharmacy-to-patient convenience. DeliverSTAT is niche-specific to the pharmacy industry versus all other delivery options.

Eliminate Your Risks & Liabilities

DeliverSTAT has created a dynamic platform that allows the pharmacy to approve the contractor from our global drivers network or utilize their own current employee to assure compliant delivery.

Who You Will Be Working With

Qualified Driver Network

Background checked

HIPAA compliant

Available 24/7

Everything you need

Transparency & Private Tracking Portal

Using a private tracking portal, pharmacies are able to see all their deliveries live. Through complete transparency the portal shows the drivers’ GPS locations as well as allowing communication.

We’ve created Package Pulse™, a real-time tracking system that allows pharmacies AND their patients to see EXACTLY where their package is throughout the entire delivery process.

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Serving Over 250,000 Patients in Florida

Delivering throughout the state of Florida

“DeliverSTAT web-based tools have provided our caregivers with enhanced efficiency and greater visibility into the delivery process. By providing them with the tools to track their delivery request from inception through delivery confirmation, our caregivers are able to ensure medications are available when they are needed to our patients”

-Daniel Quinn, Director, VITAS Healthcare

“We are a high-volume pharmacy averaging around 200 packages to be delivered per day. DeliverSTAT provides us far more than just delivery services. There drivers demonstrate professionalism, and great customer service when dealing with our patients. I recommend all pharmacy owners to try out DeliverSTAT, you will not be disappointed. “

-Matthew Reik, PIC, PharmCo Rx

“DeliverSTAT is available 24/7 on-demand for us. All of our packages being delivered are time sensitive and of high value. It’s a no brainer to work with a pharmacy focused delivery service rather than a common courier.”

-Willie Bridges, Head Of Deliveries

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